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Cam Collegepreneurs

Collegepreneurs is the program designed for college going young students who want to learn about entrepreneurship or are aspiring to become entrepreneurs. 

CAM has specially arranged this program for young college students who are startup enthusiasts, have a keen interest in gaining practical knowledge and those who want to open their own ventures.

What do we offer 


In this program, we will give you in depth training as well as practical implementation on how to generate sales and revenue. You will also be able to practice this training to master in it.


Marketing techniques

 which is the base for any business startup will be taught to you by our experts. Marketing plays an important role in expanding your business and hence a thorough understanding will be given to you.  You can learn the decision making power of buying and implement it via this program. Marketing will be taught to you based on the consumer psychology. Example: Why are you marketing this specific product in a particular way?

Management and Operation

You will be given an open space where you can practice the training given by us. Managing the whole business can be challenging but you do not need to worry as we will be guiding you throughout.

While doing sales, marketing, managing etc you might face some real time challenges and may want to give up but AGAIN, CAM TEAM will be at your rescue and will give a proper training on how to face challenges or how to come out of a situation that you are stuck into. You can learn from this training and implement it on practical grounds and then take the responsibility for the same.

Legal registrations

Legal Registration are required in order to run a business in India. You will be given a thorough training regarding the registration procedure by our team. After the training, support to register yourself will also be given. Our legal team will handhold you to register yourself.

Selling products online

Selling can boost the chances of your product’s sale. Hence, you will also be taught HOW TO SELL ONLINE and will be then given a task wherein you will have to sell things online. This will help you gain more knowledge and will allow you to practice your learnings.

Creating payment pages

You will also be learning HOW TO CREATE PAYMENT PAGES. In this all small details regarding payment pages will be covered. Example: which processors can be used, who does the payment made direct to etc

This whole program is based on PRACTICAL GROUNDS and real time pragmatic training will be provided.



Each collegepreneur will have an assured earning in cash and kind both.


2 months.



Eligibility :

Whoever has Keen Interest in Creativity And Fashion.

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